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Here is all 4 tanks I'm working on, they are in my wife's classroom (she teaches kindergarten and 1st grade)

◦The tank on the far left is my 55 community tank. I just rebuilt it and it's doing OK. I had a little die off at first, added to many fish at once. Now I have 2 neons (lost 10 neons and lost 12 cardinals), 5 zebra danios (2 normal and 3 long fin, lost 6), 5 kuhli loaches, 12 whiteclouds (none of those died), and 2 Chinese algae eater (I just learned I'll have to get rid of those soon, they'll grow to big) . I bought 3 types of plant, can't remember the names of any, but you will see them in the picture. I've still got to nurse the plants, they had a slow start, but I think there starting to do well.

 The tank is now doing well, I went on vacation for 2 weeks and when I returned there were no dead fish and the plants have been growing like crazy. The tank must be cycled now as I haven't done a water change in 3 weeks. I'll start doing water changes every other day of about 5 gallons (55gal tank) starting tomorrow. Thanx to everyone at for all there help. I ordered some plants from and they were almost dead, it'll take a while but they're coming back to life.

 ◦The next tank, is my 55gal turtle tank, you can see the divider on the right to give the turtle a shallow area to walk under water with a big rock to dry off on. In this picture you can see the turtle on the far right of the tank on the rock above the water.

 ◦Next to that is my 10gal tank with plants, it's was my female beta tank, but she died from dropsy a few months ago. Not sure what's going in there next.

 ◦The last tank is my 20 long. I can't seem to get a hood, I've tried every place here in Hawaii, I'm probably going to have to order one online of make one.

 ◦I now added a 20 high just to the right of the 20 long, it's been set up for a month or so, ready for fish, just wanted to get back from vacation before I set it up.

 I'm a little scared to put fish in the empty tanks. The 55 does fine but the temp changes might mess up the smaller tanks, the air conditioner is set at 68 during the day and the room heats up to 90 after school. The big tank goes from 78 to 83 day to night but the smaller tanks might do some major temp changes.

What happened....
◦My 55gal community tank to the left went through a total annihilation of almost all my fish and plants. A few months ago, I lost all my plants when the air conditioning went out and tank temps were in the 90s for a few weeks. Then last week, 3 fish I added ate the eye's out of 4 horseface loaches, 7 hatchet fish, 20 neons and I think they got a couple of my pencile fish. The dude at pet supplies plus warehouse said it'd be O K to put these snail eating fish in with my tetras, I got them on Wednesday. Friday there were 3 dead hatchet fish, but I thought nothing of it, there a very delicate fish, just figured I'd keep on eye on the rest. Then when I returned to school Monday all those fish I just li
sted were killed by these snail eaters. I put those killers in the turtle tank, now there turtle poop on the bottom of the tank.
The only fish left in my tank is one male beta, 6
red pencilfish (3 male and 3 female, picture on right), one veil tail zebra danio, and a regular zebra danio.
I started rebuilding the tank.

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