Here I will be placing nostalgic stuff, reminders of what it was like in the 70's, a great time. The early 80's (81, 82, 83) we're alright too.



Of course this is more related to Grand Rapids MI

The 70s was a unique era. Keggers were the thing. You could throw a party with over 100 people in someone's house with minimal damage and no fights. It seems today you can't get 10 people together without a fight breaking out and everything getting stolen. This was Friday and Saturday nights. You would hear about a party in school, the main reason I even showed up at school, and everyone would be there.

The Grand Rapids Owls hockey team was filling up the Stadium Arena every game. Police would give you a warning if you were caught drinking and driving, that's all that was necessary because most people knew how to handle it. The drinking age was 18 and no one carded you if you even looked close to 18. If you got caught with small amounts of marijuana the cops would just pour it out. Music was the best it ever was or would be. WLAV was the main Grand Rapids station, playing album oriented music and most programming was done by the DJ. TV was bad, but it didn't matter because people went out and lived life. The Olympics meant something. The economy was on the rise (until the recession that started in 80-81). Every evening you could go to Riverside Park and there would be 100 people or more partying and having fun playing Frisbee and just hanging out. Every summer WLAV would hold the "Raft Race" which was really just a huge party for thousands.

It was truly a good time. These pages are to bring back some of those memories with pictures and videos.

That's all the farther I've gotten, I will do more work on this section as I get time, but as of now I am very busy...



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