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The trophies were for:
1st place in regular season
1st place in playoffs
Leading scorer: Ted V.
Best Goalie: Steve Z.

From pond hockey to the rink. After a pond hockey game I just had to play, Mike felt the same. Mike and I played for 2 years on other teams then decided we wanted our own. We called everyone we knew that loved playing hockey and started our own team.

Our first year we ended up being the #1 team @ Jolly Rogers -96/97 season. The 97/98 season was a joke. The league owner had a son on one of the teams. Oddly enough every time we played that team we would have many more penalties than normal. The whole season was a joke and of course that team took first place for the season. An example, our lead scorer was kick out for 2 games for throwing another players stick into the stands, he deserved it, the punk kept hitting him with it and the ref wouldn't call a penalty. 3 games later we were playing the team the league owners brother was on and they wouldn't let our lead scorer play. They changed their mind just before the game and decided he deserved to miss 3 games. If I'm not mistaken, we still took either 1st or 2nd place.  I've got a letter from the league commissioner explaining how they treated us unfairly and apologizing.

We ended up moving to the new ice arena in Walker by the police station. I only played a season there, my knee started to give out on me and I had to quit. I did get a few good years out of hockey, I played 2 seasons at Jolly Rogers before I started my own team, 2 seasons with my team at Jolly Rogers then another season at the Walker arena.

Team-A or as we've been called by the other teams:
"Westside White Trash"
This name came as we were in the locker room after winning a game. The other team was in their locker room complaining how they can't believe that those "west side white trash" guys beat them. Most of our team is from Grand Rapids west side. One of our players over heard this and told the rest of us, so we decided to make that our name.

Jolly Rogers Hockey is a joke!
I've never seen any organization run so sloppy and unorganized!
We will never play there again!!
The 96/97 season was our first year as a hockey team, just a bunch of friends out to have fun. We never thought that it would end the way it did. We took all the trophies they had. Highest scorer, best goalie, first place for the season, first place in the playoffs. Not bad for our first time together, and more than that, first time playing organized hockey for many players on our team.

Original lineup


Number Position

Steve Zom.






 Bryan G. (me)



Mike Zom.



Joe L.









Greg Zom.*



Todd Zom.



Brian H.






Jeff K.



Steve K.



Tom L.



* = Gregg was in a car accident that stop him from ever playing again.

This is from the 97-98 season, I lost the scores from previous years

Fri. sept.26  
West Side White Trash 5 Goals: 3-#11,#14,#10
Killer Bee's 3 Assists: #10,#16,#13,#6
Fri. Oct.3
West Side White Trash 5 Goals: 3-#11,#14,#91
Ostrowskis 4 Assists: #91,#4,#14
Fri. Oct.10
West Side White Trash 9 Goals: 2-#11,2-#91,#4,#14,#10,#69,#13
Centennial 0 Assists: 2-#14,2-#4,#11,#10,#6,#91,#16
Fri. Oct.17
West Side White Trash 3 Goals: 2-#11,#91
Bravata's replacement 4 Assists: #11,#10
Sun. Oct.26
West Side White Trash 4 Goals: 3-#11,#13
Godzilla 2 Assists: #10,#13,#91
Fri. Oct.31
West Side White Trash 8 Goals: 5-#11,2-#91,#14
Medicine Men 3 Assists: 2-#10,#16,#91,#14,#69,#13
Fri. Nov. 7
West Side White Trash 1 Goals: # 3
Advanced Tool 6
Sun Nov. 16
West Side Trash 2 Goals: #1,#2
Elbow Room 3
Sun Nov. 23
West Side White Trash 6 Goals: #91,2-#11,#10,#14,#69
Road Runners 1 assists: #11,#41
Sun Nov. 30
West Side White Trash 5 Goals: #14,#00,3-#91
Killer Bee's 3 assists: #91,#13,#2-#11,2-#69,#14
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This is where the season fell apart, they kicked are leading scorer ( leading scorer of the league too ) for 5 games because he threw another persons stick over the boards. That was the beginning of the bad treatment, and the league did apologize, after the season was done, a little late.

I wish I had the scores for our first season, I don't know what I did with them.

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