I lost a roll of film
I lost a roll of film, and it had the pictures from Bangkok. I never really spent much time in Bangkok.
When I arrived I stayed in a Comfort Inn. For about $25 US dollars you get a 2 room sweet, total luxury. We didn't leave the hotel but just to step out on the deck and see the the way they lived there was very intersting. I took a lot of pictures, but lost the film. We stayed one or two nights, can't remember then went to a tropical island.
We spent a week in Ko Samet (Samet island). I took a few pictures here but mainly spent my time getting to know Prmia better. It was great, for about $100 US dollars we got a week in a private bungalow. They had many activities but just walking around the island was very nice.
We did spend one day on a boat that took us to a few higlights of the island.  At the end of the boat ride they took us to a beautiful bay on the souther tip of the island, no one around, just palm trees and a sandy beach. Here I spent a little time snorkeling, it was my first time and I was blown away.
We left from their and went to a town near Ayuthaya at The Mission College where Prima worked. I spent one day there. I wish I would have taken some pictures because the campus was a peaceful well kept beautiful tropical paradise.
The next day we went back to the Comfort Inn near the airport, spent the night then back to the airport for a really long lonely flight back.
Someday I hope to do this again, once you get over the cost of the flight (I paid $1000 round trip), your money goes a long way in Thailand. I was able to live like a king for about 10 days for $350, I took $600 with me and returned with $250.

Pictures from Koh Somet


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